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A Human Design Reading Starts with a Chart

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human design chart and mandala

In Order to Correctly Generate your Human Design Chart, You Need an Accurate Birth Date

It is particularly important to know almost exactly the time and place of your birth in order to get the most accurate Human Design Chart. If you are not sure about this and you have investigated as much as you can it is also possible to determine your birth date surprisingly accurately by a skilled astrologer or by simple muscle testing method

The invisible energy field that surrounds each of us is called an aura and we are otherwise connected to everything in the universe through particles called neutrinos.

We are All Totally Unique

We are each part of the whole, but we are also unique. We each bring our own stamp of uniqueness to other human being and the world around us. Each of us bring our own gift to the world in our uniqueness.

So much of how we interact and behave is by being part of the homogenised world to fit in and conform to expectations, our own and others and this makes it very difficult to express what our own true nature is. When we come from our conformist existence how is it possible to really make correct decisions that are truly reflective of our uniqueness and therefore contribute to our personal sense of fulfilment.

When we are simply part of the homogenized world, we do this in order to fit in. Our true nature does not get to express itself and this can make our life very painful and uncomfortable. This also inevitably leads to all kinds of wrong decisions. We need to acknowledge that we all have different requirements and needs. To understand your own unique nature is the first step towards self love and fulfilment.

The universe is an ocean of neutrinos originating from our solar system and beyond permeating everything. Neutrinos pass through everything leaving an imprint of information on everything they come into contact with.

The Human Design System is a synthesis of traditional Sciences including astrology, the chakra system, the Kabala, and the i’Ching, the Book of Changes which is particularly significant.

The synthesis of these elements offers a profound insight into how you personally and uniquely are designed to exist the material world.

Human Design is Extremely Accurate and Effective in Helping You Consistently Make the Right Choices

Human Design is about decision-making from the part of you that allows your body’s intelligence to guide you. Making decisions based on what is with your specific design as opposed to making decisions from your mind. For many of us our minds are massively influenced by the outside world and conditionings whether its conscious or not. We can never experience our authentic uniqueness when we are overly influenced by factors that are not of us.

Human Design opens a big wide door of self-discovery because it has the ability to clearly demonstrate by offering massive insights into our unique nature and makeup including your talents, aptitudes, health, strengths, weaknesses and overall psychology. It operates like a clear channel of self understanding in addition to understanding the human being.

A Human Design Reading Will Tell You Who You Are and Who You Are Not

A Human Design chart is like a blueprint of a building. To the accomplished human design consultant It can help you understand the story of your life, your successes and failures and where you true authority lies. It will describe subconscious behavioural issues and patterns and also clearly indicate what works and what does not work for you. Understanding the consequences and implications of the way we make decisions from our authority enables us to make the right decisions which in turn eliminates resistance in in our lives. Understanding the blueprint of your personal Human Design Chart invites the natural wisdom inherent within us to be the predominant force.

A human-design-reading Can Bring a Huge Sense of Relief and feelings of validation for being who they are rather than trying to be what others expect them to be. Mountains of guilt, anger, shame and blame can just drop away restoring a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives and completely give yourself permission to “be yourself.”