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There is a Business Niche in Many Forms of High Art

Despite the fact that somebody may perhaps have an appreciation for high-quality arts, any one who has ever attempted residence as a painter, sculpture, musician or even an artwork photographer is aware of how extremely difficult this type of gig is to get. If you have a creative talent, a diploma could significantly enhance it however where there is no natural talent no amount of academic or university training can bestow such a gift.

Even if your are not a likely Picasso or Rembrandt or even have an urge to be a famous artists there are many careers  and businesses involving art. For example a career as a teacher in art or art appreciation can be a very satisfying role to play. That means in addition to an arts degree it may be necessary to proceed to obtaining a teaching qualification as well.

Teachers are always in demand and teaching art in any aspect allows someone who is passionate about art to earn a living and possibly at the same time also follow along the path of creating art part time.

To teach junior level it may only be necessary to obtain a diploma but teaching at higher levels (high school) demands a bachelor degree.

Art in Business or The Business of Art

Many of us have great appreciation of art without being necessarily very talented at anything artistically creative.

It is those of us who like and buy music, paintings and drawings and sculpture who contribute to the business of art. From the graphic art of advertising and cards through to highly admired creative works that are recognised to be “high art” there is some level of business involved.
The world is full of people who would gladly trade what they are presently doing to be a full time artist. To make it or even earn a reasonable living at any level of artistic expression can be very hard going. Until someone is known amongst the high level art community no amount of talent on its own will get you there.

The business of high art is almost political. Judges of quality art are looking for certain markers before they will entertain the possibility of any sort of recognition. How many painters are there who have entered contests, or put up an exhibition only to find that all their efforts did not cover the costs.

Is art compatible with business? Unfortunately, at least for now at the high end of the art world the main players are looking at everything from a business point of view. If there aint no money in it they aint interested – talent or no talent

Supporting the Business of ART

So, consider this. You don’t have to be an incredibly talented artist to make a career or develop a business in art. Without all the other roles associated with the creation and sale of art the artists of the world would easily starve.

Fortunately many of us are lovers of many facets of art and we are very willing to pay good money for what we personally like to see, feel and hear and for that reason art is a huge business and no matter what level of talent as an artist we may have, we also have so much opportunity to be involved with the production, sale and enjoyment of art as a career or business.

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